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I've been using this service for a year now, and we have had access to TV shows, Channels and sports events that were too just expensive for our budget. My children love searching for films and they can always find something they haven't watched. And I love the refer a friend program, as this service has been essentially free for us for the last 11 months!

Excellent service, value for money and so much choice.

Riccardo from Manchester UK

Amazing value, great support.
Can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't want this.
This really is no brainer!!

This service is the bees knees, It's been a god send for my family during this Pandemic. I have a 9 year old Son who has Autism and this has been a fantastic medium for keeping us all occupied. We've all been transferred to some wonderful and exotic places through the magic of our tv screen.
We've been on a magical quest with 2 teenage elfs in a van. Briefly peered into the Afterlife. Been on a World tour with Trolls, Spent time with Mr & Mrs Claus. Swam the Deep Oceans with Dolphins. Travelled along the Kalahari with Elephants. And a hole lot more..... I've Witnessed some spectacular and enthralling adrenaline fueled sporting feats of high speed and determination. The best bit about all of this though is....... it doesn't cost the earth. I Highly recommend our service to anyone!

This service is amazing I love the NowPlex app I downloaded it today and it’s absolutely super!!

Matthew Silverman