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Amazing app, all your favourites in one place. For the price it's unbeatable. Thank you. 😁

Amazing value, great support.
Can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't want this.
This really is no brainer!!

Great service for a great price, with a very helpful team

Absolutely awesome service ,Always someone on hand to help.A special mention to Nick 👌

I need to let the world know, that after 3 years of canceling cable and cutting the cords, last year I found the best streaming service EVER! I can watch channels all over the world, catch new movies and series with a click of my remote and watch our son fight in the UFC, without having to pay those crazy fees to watch! We have saved thousands over the past couple of years cutting the cord with the cable/satellite companies and the best part is that we can watch whether we are home, at our camp or at our snowbird location! AND BAM, the monthly referral bonus is FIRE $$$$! ~ Betty Brock-Porter, NY USA @bettybrockporter